I am Lindsey White.

Writer, singer, music maker; jam session coordinator, art scar healer and creativity coach.

There may be other Lindsey Whites out there, but I am the only one of my kind. I live and breathe music, ride motorcycles, do yoga and Tai Chi and make plants grow. I love to play any and all instruments I can get my hands on; guitar and piano are my favourite tools to use when writing songs that have been referred to as “groovy folk-rock” and “baroque pop”. And I am usually inspired to write about anything and everything.

After “This is Now” was released in 2007, I began writing about the strange and beautiful journey of reconnecting with my father during the period of his cancer diagnosis, illness and death. Over the next six years, my life fell apart and was rebuilt again from the ground up. I lost things, found things, learned things and penned an unabashed new album called “Renegade” as well as hundreds of other writings and ramblings which assumed the form of poetry and prose. I performed and recorded this new music with some extremely talented local musicians: Alasdair Dunlop (bass), Mitch Dorge (drums/production) and Joe Curtis (guitar) who helped me along the journey of becoming the artist that I always wanted to be.

While making music on my own and with my band, I’ve also spent the last several years working with thousands of talented youth through various music programs. We compose, record and perform music together, often resulting in some pretty cool jam sessions. I particularly enjoy involving young people who lack opportunities to make music and have developed my own programming, which has been incorporated into community centers, schools and other child
care centers and drop-in programs. I coordinate and facilitate outreach programs and workshops with The Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts, Children of the Earth High School and also lend my participation to the Music For All Alliance Committee, which is a group of like minded creative people, dedicated to making music more accessible. I also recently produced a new music project with an organization called The Peaceful Village as part of the Winnipeg Arts Council / City of Winnipeg “Youth WITH ART” program, including three new songs and two videos.

I was honoured to be nominated for a Winnipeg Arts Council “Making a Mark” award and designated as one of the CBC Manitoba Future 40 (an award celebrating Manitoba’s new generation of leaders, builders and change-makers under the age of 40).

The Renegade album was “fan funded” by an online project and was released in May, 2015 with a book of poetry, prose and other writings.

I have been sharing it with the world (online and in person) while creating inspirational musical experiences with others on the road. I love performing all over Canada and look forward to meeting more incredible people in other Countries too! Music is an amazing career that I am more than grateful to possess; even as it feels more and more like it possesses me.

Thanks for reading, listening, following & watching.