“The Winnipeg-based singer-songwriter is an educator who loves sharing the power and thrill of music with kids–and her own songs are suffused with that same sense of elemental joy.” – John Kendle (Winnipeg Free Press)

Lindsey has made music with all ages in many Canadian locations including: Resource Assistance for youth, Valour Community Centre, Inkster School, The West End Cultural Centre, Children of the Earth High School, CEDA (Pathways Program), Niji Mahkwa School, Glen Elm School, Island Lakes School, R.B. Russell Vocational School, Hugh John MacDonald School, Emerson Elementary School, Gordon Bell High School, Sun Valley School, John M. King School, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Can You Imagine Preschool, MSIP: The Peaceful Village, The Salvation Army Anchorage Program, Rossbrook House, Winnipeg Kids Fringe, RuBarb Productions and more!

She facilitates songwriting, instruction and jam sessions that meet the creative needs of youth and also enjoys partnering with Community organizations toward new connections that make more artistic programming available. Lindsey has assisted Mitch Dorge with youth presentations and participates in the Manitoba Child Care Association Workshop Series and Conferences; speaking to childcare workers about strategies to incorporate music development into regular childcare programs and the benefits of music education. She lends her participation as a member of the Music for All Alliance steering committee, comprised of people and organizations involved with music outreach programs.

Artists in The Schools

Creative Expression in Songwriting” is now available as part of the Manitoba Arts Council’s Artists in the Schools program! For more details about Lindsey’s AIS program, click HERE.  The school application, guidelines and more information, including the full directory of artists are available on the Manitoba Arts Council website.      

Other Projects 

Valour Rocks Music Program

Above: Valour Rocks
Below: The Peaceful Village

Children Of The Earth Music Program (Linked Article)

Also currently happening are music workshops through the MCMA Music Equals Program (COTE, Inkster School) and Inkster School.

The Garrison

Arts eduction, musical engagement, building a community among youth and adults affiliated with various organizations, participating in collective; creative expression with varied skill levels and talents. Participants will include musicians, singers, writers, poets and artists who create various forms of visual art. This project will centre on the free exploration of existing talent as well as the creation, development and production of new works that represent the individual and collective creativity of all participants.

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RuBarb Summer Songwriting

Were you there when 7 new songs were written, recorded & performed with around 70 young people in August, 2016 at RuBarb Productions’ Summer Camp in Moose Jaw, SK?  Videos, downloadable audio recordings, lyric sheets and chord charts are now available on the blog – listen, watch & share away!


Play & Record

A FREE songwriting and recording program for Winnipeg’s youth took place at the West End Cultural Centre in August, 2015.  Lindsey and Matt Epp spent 5 days making noise with some super creative young people who wrote and recorded 5 songs together that can be heard here:

A full blog on Play & Record (including a brand new song written exclusively for the wrap up event) can be found HERE.

Peaceful Village Music Youth WITH ART Postcard

Lindsey and The Peaceful Village

Throughout the 2014-2015 school year, Lindsey worked with newcomer youth from the Manitoba School Improvement Program: The Peaceful Village to write and record original music, culminating in the creation of a music CD and accompanying music video. This public art project was part of the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Youth WITH ART Program and also resulted in a mini-documentary and community concert at the West End Cultural Centre.

For more photos & info, please visit the Winnipeg Arts Council Website.

Music and Mini-Documentary

Songwriting Samples

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Community Connections

Lindsey would like to acknowledge:

McNally Robinson

Relish (New Brand Experience)

The West End Cultural Centre

Manitoba Film and Music

Polar Bear Productions

The Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts

The Music For All Alliance

RuBarb Productions