Her music has been called groovy folk-rock, baroque pop and has been showcased on stages all over Canada; Lindsey White is also a writer, educator, singer and a diverse multi-instrumentalist who enjoys spending time working with creative youth. White uses the piano and guitar to craft songs, but also plays the flute, violin and accordion (among other things). Her previous two albums: “What’s New.” (2005) and “This is Now.” (2007) were followed by several singles and other studio recordings. The new full length album entitled “Renegade” (May 28, 2015) was produced by Mitch Dorge (drums) along with Alasdair Dunlop (bass) and Joe Curtis (guitar) and expands the “groovy folk-rock” label to include punk, soul, bossa nova, alternative, funk and other genres.

On stage, her performances have unmistakable passion, energy and emotional depth. Online, her writings (comprised of poetry, prose and lyrics) are full of honesty, displayed on her websites and shared in print for the first time in the form of a companion book accompanying the release of the Renegade album, called “Renegade Writings”.